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Golden Gecko Productions is made up of a select team of successful industry professionals who have a body of work spanning well over sixty years. Our team has had immense success in the world of acting, producing, directing, choreography, sound engineering, investing, and entrepreneurship.


Accumulatively our members have starred in and created countless hit television shows, feature films, and documentaries. They have also become influencers in the business world, running multi-million dollar companies and have collaborated with some of the nations largest corporations. 

Although each of our members have had immense success in their own right, they have now come together for one common goal and purpose: to produce high quality films that are not only entertaining to watch, but that have a strong message that can truly impact it's viewers. 

We recognize that it is no longer enough to excell at just one craft or trade. To stay relevant in today's world of entertainment, you must have multiple talents combined with real experience in business, leadership, money management, and more. This will not only ensure great quality of work, but profits for our investors and safety for our distributors. 

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